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I am a client at Yang’s massage therapy. I got injured from an accident. I wasn’t so sure how this works with no fault and what should I do to get the treatment etc. but Canney, the massage therapist is very knowledgeable about no fault insurance, she did everything for me and I only got my prescription from the dr. When it comes to massage, she is amazing and you walk out feels like a feather ! My week starts looking forward to go to her😊 you will love to go to her, and I highly recommend her

- Sona Y.

I got referral from my Neurologist for Accupuncture and massage therapy since MVA 2019, I heal better from their cupping, guasha, hot, cold stone therapy and stretching. I really appreciate Jack and Canney always provide the best treatments. I am glad I found them. I strongly recommend people who have mva cases or pain related issues, this is the right place to heal and feel better.

- Martin Q.

I am grateful and appreciate that Ms. Yang provide the cold+hot+cold method of marble stone therapy to help decreasing my muscle pain and strain since my neck surgery couple weeks ago, it’s amazing that cold stone really help to decrease the inflammation and increase circulation. I love this special Luxury treatment. I appreciate my spine specialist referred me to have medical massage.

- Jose P.


Refresh, maintain the body and through different massage techniques and treatments.

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I specialize and accept no-fault/PIP case medical massage therapy since 2012. According to the statistics, we found that 95% of injured patients do not know that they have medical massage therapy covered after car accidents. I'd like to share this benefit to anyone who experienced suffering pain after a MVA. Many of our patients have found medical massage therapy to be an effective treatment for pain and discomfort related to whiplash and lumbar trauma. No-Fault/PIP automobile insurance will mostly cover massage therapy for their injuries. We'll guide you on how to follow up with the treatments.

Some injured people stopped the treatment when they found out the insurance sent them denied letters. Please don’t panic, as I will assist and show you how to proceed with the right treatments.

CY (See Why) Massage Therapy includes therapeutic different modalities such as manual lymphatic massage therapy, myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education, hot or cold packs/stone and stretching. Free referrals to different specialties. Also in my clinic, there is an acupuncturist who will accept no-fault acupuncture treatment.

People have stress every day and the stresses are silent killers. We strongly recommend people to buy a prepaid 4 hours package ($480) to maintain and balance the body. Life is too short, treat yourself well, relax your mind and create a healthy life style. This way will make you healthy and happy. You can share the package with your family members. Enjoy these SPECIAL Therapeutic Treatments to decrease the stresses and clear your mind.


Besides accepting no-fault/PIP case, I also accept NYSHIP, HSA, and private clients who may pay Zelle, Venmo, credit cards, checks and cash.
Please email to if you have any questions about no fault/PIP cases. If you need a lawyer, we can refer you to the right one.
Or text to 516-641-0818 to make an appointment. Open hours are by appointments only.


Massage therapy helps people to relieve the stress


Canney S. Yang

Professional LMT, RMT

I'm a very serious and responsible person. Massage therapy helps people to relieve the stress. I have received massage treatment more than 20 years. I know how the effect of massage is to make the whole body and mind healthier. When you are healthy, then you feel happy and have a greater sense of well-being. There is a Chinese saying, "When the wealth is lost nothing is lost. When the health is lost something is lost...". It means that health should be considered more important than any other wealth.

Member of The New York State Society of Medical Massage Therapists (NYSSMMT)



I provide the following services

Medical Massage
Customized: $115
Therapeutic Massage
60 Minutes: $153
Swedish Massage
75 Minutes: $191
Massage Packages
60 Minutes: $120


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